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One Charles Park

Project location

Cambridge, MA

Project phase

Community review

One Charles Park overhead view planOne Charles Park overhead view plan

Transforming Charles Park through Sustainability

Charles Park is a two-building approximately 370,000 SF technical office building and structured parking garage situated in East Cambridge. Currently undergoing a full gut rehab to meet the needs of todays tenants, particular attention has been paid to increasing the buildings sustainability and resiliency.
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The Completed Project Will be LEED Gold, Fitwell and Wired Score Certified

Improvements include installation of ultra-efficient mechanical systems featuring energy recovery, low flow plumbing fixtures, LED light fixtures and an automated Building Management System to manage automated temperature and window shading controls. New rooftop equipment will be enclosed or screened to mitigate noise and vibration from the units. A new high-albedo (aka white roof) is being installed to reduce solar gain in the building.

Community Benefits

Job Creation

Charles Park will create approximately 300 construction jobs and 2,000 permanent positions.

Open Space

As part of the project, Charles Park will renovate the Rogers Street courtyard space.

Public Art

The Charles Park team is proud to partner with the City of Cambridge and local artists to incorporate public art throughout the Charles Park construction.


The existing restaurant Shabu and Main plans to remain open throughout the duration of the project.


Charles Park will meet LEED Gold, Fitwell and Wired Score Certifications and preliminary plans include heart recovery, low flow plumbing fixtures and a high-albedo roof replacement.

Aerial view photo of Cambridge, MAAerial view photo of Cambridge, MA

What's Next?

The project is currently under construction for a full, gut rehab of the building. We invite you to Subscribe for email updates and add your feedback or ask questions in our Feedback section.


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